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All dogs from pedigrees to cross breeds, benefit from regular grooming. Grooming helps to maintain the skin and coat in good condition. It also makes the dog look better and feel great.Short haired dogs that are groomed regularly should shed less, meaning fewer hairs around your home. For long haired dogs there is a benefit of keeping the coat matt free, as well as their coat being cut and styled to the length that is manageable for the owner.

We always check your dog’s temperament and ask if they have any medical conditions before we groom them. We always discuss with the owner how they would like to have their dog styled. We are able to groom to breed standard or however the owner prefers.


Nail trimming is important for the long term health of all dogs.Overgrown nails can break easily. The longer the nail, the longer the quick. This can make nail clipping difficult. Long term over growth can cause difficulty in walking, pain, soreness and even contribute to the development of arthritis.


The importance of maintaining your dog’s hygiene cannot be ignored. Dogs feel better and look better when cleaned and bathed. Dogs that are not well groomed will be more prone to infestations of fleas or ticks which can cause skin problems or allergies and can be transmitted to human family members. A well groomed dog reflects well on the dog’s owner!


Socialisation is a process by which the dog is exposed to the type of experiences and events that they are likely to encounter in order to prepare them for a happy and well adjusted life.

It is really important to try and socialise your dog as much as possible at a young age. If your pet needs to be groomed professionally, the best time is to start after they have had their puppy shots. This is typically around 16 weeks of age. A puppy of this age will probably just need a bath and possibly a tidy up. The frequency of subsequent visits will depend on how regularly your dog requires grooming. This will vary according to the breed.

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