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The Value of Grooming

Pawz Ink Admin Team - Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Good personal hygiene leads to good health, and keeping your body clean helps prevent illness and unnecessary discomfort. The same applies for our four-legged companions and it is never too early to start grooming your pet. Most animals enjoy being groomed and it can be a very rewarding experience for both you and your furry friend.

Your dog or cat's coat and skin requires a range of care throughout your pet's life regardless of breed or fur length. Regular nail trimming and dental care is also imperative to your pet living a long and comfortable life. It is never too early to being grooming your new pet and making them familiar with the tools of the trade early on.

From the moment you take your new pet home, get them used to regular brushing and combing. You can also handle their paws gently and touch them around their faces and mouths so that no areas develop sensitivity to touch from lack of stimulation. Whether you are going to be grooming your pet or taking your pet to a grooming professional, setting the foundations from the start will make the process enjoyable for the remainder of your pet's life.

Regular home or professional grooming also allows you to perform a complete check over your pet's body, giving you the opportunity to identify any areas of concern. Finding a regular groomer that both you and your pet trust will assist in picking up on any changes to your pet and can mean catching signs of illness, parasitic conditions, or injury before they become critical. Good grooming practices also mean that your pet's coat and skill will be well-maintained, your pet will look and feel better, and veterinary costs may be reduced. 

Whether it is bathing, plucking, clipping, or just a gentle brush that your pet requires, it is never too soon to introduce them to the world of grooming. Cats and dogs both are fond of being pampered and it can be a treat for owner and animal if introduced to your pet in a kind and loving way. 

The Value of Grooming your Pet
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