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10 Doggone Crazy Facts

Pawz Ink Admin Team - Thursday, February 15, 2018

We all know that our dogs are incredible animals and valuable members of our families. They give us unconditional love, companionship, loyalty, and can keep us laughing even when we are blue.
But did you realize just how amazing our canine companions really are?

You may be surprised to learn the following fun facts about your furry friend:

1) Like a human fingerprint, your dog's nose is unique. No two dogs have the same "nose print" and they are able to sense smells that are not detectable by humans

2) Dogs aren't colourblind, but instead their eyes lack colour receptors for red. They see in shades of black and white, and also in shades of blue and yellow

3) Petting your dog can reduce blood pressure, stress levels, and releases the "feel good" endorphin in both owner and pooch

4) Dogs can hear more than 4 times better than humans . Next time your dog ignores you calling them at the park (and they have no illness or ear problems) it is likely to be a case of selective deafness rather than actual inability to hear your command.

5) Dogs are able to learn more than 200 words and gestures. This makes them about as smart as a 2 year old child

6) Dogs only have sweat glands on their paws. Perspiring through foot pads and panting are the only way your pooch can keep cool

7) Second to being bitten, the number 1 hazard of dog ownership is tripping over them! Bear this in mind when Fido is at your feet

8) Dogs have a special membrane in their eye which gives them the ability to see in the dark. The membrane, called the tapetum lucidum, is specific only to animals is what creates the reflective glow in an animal's eye when light is shone into it

9) Dogs have roughly 17,000 taste buds. Humans have approximately 973 taste buds. Makes you wonder why our pooches insist on eating things that we find rather unpalatable

10) Dogs are very expressive with their ears and can convey many things through ear position, movement, and rotation. There are over a dozen separate muscles that help control your dog's ears

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